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Turnkey Email Channel

Deploy targeted and relevant emails simplistically with a commitment to data privacy.
The Problem

Financial institutions struggle to leverage their account holder data in a simplistic turnkey approach with email for digital use cases.

The Solution

The email integration into Alkami’s platform enables financial institutions to align digital marketing efforts with the full suite of media channels, while most importantly utilizing their own account holder data which allows them to produce insights that deliver the highest level of targeting efficiency and relevant messaging.

Making the use case actionable

Data driven onboarding programs

Trigger timely and relevant onboarding engagements with a series of campaigns to lead your account holders on their financial journey.

Cross sell fueled by competitive insights

Identify held-away payments initiating win back messaging that is relevant and targeted, all while using Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs) assigned from your account holders’ everyday spend behavior.

Provide financial wellness support

Promote your financial wellness education and events through a series of messages using Financial Health KLIs to target the right audience.

Increase account holder engagement

Build a data-driven strategy to increase engagement through targeted messaging by leveraging the Channel Behavior and Product/Service Utilization KLIs to understand your account holders current utilization.

See digital banking in action

Experience better banking

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